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    We realize that you have plenty of Travel Companies to choose from, but ensure that you will be traveling with the best in Morocco, because we at Sahara Travel offer you different desert tours to the most beautiful parts of Morocco. Our tailored private tours, Camel Trekking Tours, luxury desert tours from marrakech and sahara excursions, are the best way to keep you close to the Moroccan culture and way of life and show you Morocco in a more private way. We are very simple and flexible; we can provide you with unique custom tours tailored to your desire in case you have a specific tour in mind. Our professional team of well-experienced drivers will pick you up wherever you are in Morocco (Hotel, Riad, Airport, Rail station, Bus Station, Port) and accompany you during your visit to Morocco, which we guarantee will be the trip of your lifetime. Travel with us as we take you to the land where legends and fairy tales are still spoken about and believed in; where simplicity and hospitality are the main bases of a very welcoming society.

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